Making a Grocery List

Walking into a grocery store hungry and without a list is the fastest way to derail your grocery budget.  Making a list is the only way to do shopping.  If you read my earlier post than you already know the importance of meal planning.

Meal planning saves money and makes it a lot easier to cook at home.  Making a list and sticking to it is much more simple if you have your meals planned out.  You know exactly what you are making and what ingredients you will need.  When I have a list in my hand it makes it easier to avoid impulse buys because I know I don’t need that item for the week.

I find that making a list also cuts down on the amount of time I spend in a store.  I am in and out because I know exactly what I need, and I am less likely to forget something.  This cuts down on mini grocery trips throughout the week. (which also saves gas- another money saver) And if you are not running in the store three or four times a week, your not picking up extra items.  Because let’s be honest, who really runs in the store for just one item and comes out with only one.  That doesn’t happen to me too often.