Let me start by telling you the basics.  I have no background in finance.

Everything I’ve learned has been self taught, by trial and error.  So you might be asking yourself why should I take a second glance?  Well, I paid off my house when I was thirty-six.  It only took me a little over six years.  My cars are paid for and I don’t have any debt.  I have found practical ways to get out of debt, that anyone can follow. The peace of mind that comes from having financial freedom is amazing.  Isn’t that worth a little of your time.

I am a wife, have three kids, and write fiction books.  Over the last two years I have had so many people ask me how I did it.  I have been asked to teach seminars and it has even been suggested that I write a book about the topic.  So I decided to share what I have learned.  It takes commitment, but my steps are easy to follow.

Finances are confusing.  Let’s navigate them together.